Kept Mang

by Half Milk

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jake hohaia
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jake hohaia Im in love with this damn album Favorite track: Icerev Turns In His Wings.
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Etceteram One of my favorite albums. Ever. Favorite track: Icerev Turns In His Wings.
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EffMinneci Epic fucking troll on the first track guys Favorite track: Mbobo-Putz.
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This album is our final release as a band. We hope you enjoy these songs, as they are the culmination of all of our efforts over the past year and a half.

Thank you, everyone.


released August 10, 2013

All songs written and performed by Half Milk

On this recording...

Brennan plays drums, drum machine on Track 5, and Rhodes piano on Track 9
Rajiv plays guitar and Rhodes piano on Track 10
Spencer sings, and plays banjolele on Track 7
Adam plays bass, and piano on Track 6

Additional vocals by Matthew Frank on Track 3, 6, 9, 10
Additional vocals by Little House on Track 5

Little House is Charlotte Lovell

Album cover art by Charlie O'Hara

Recorded/mixed by Dylan Piskula at Wall2Wall Recording
Vocals recorded by Matthew Frank at The Owlery
Mastered by Doug Saltzman



all rights reserved


Half Milk Chicago, Illinois

Brennan - drums
Spencer - vocals
Rajiv - guitar
Adam - bass

Chicago, IL

math rock//

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Track Name: Did You Like Collapse In Grass
If you’re feeling tropical
Take a ride on the pineapple birthday boat
Fire on the plate (x4)
Shrimp fried rice
Remember its warmth that night

If you’re feeling tropical
Break the lantern
Been a while since nice occasion
Did you like collapse in grass?
Track Name: Last Halloween: Wish Upon A Fecostar
It’s corkscrew
Then cock’s crow
Then fox/hound
Then head home
We pick fights
Then fight fights
This thing’s like a termite

We carry on bags
We’re punching out windows
Hide things that we’ve done
Not stick together
It’ll all be undone

Blue light
Light my way home

You feigned rolling eyes even
And said, “I’m only little”
And this lonely pillow holds a head full of
Cheesecake crumbs
And they say that most dogs die virgins nowadays
But you never could
You never should
You wouldn’t
Track Name: Kentucky Blue Gravity
Overachievers success rate dropping
And you wear those blue, fun shoes all night
All night
Say what you will
I’m tired of feeling dope and ill

So… overachievers achieving

I don’t know too much at this point in the story
I find it boring
If life is a game and true love is a trophy
You could be that gold vase saying,
“Hold me, hold me”

Perfectly shipped watching Casino on a little TV
Deep sea dhow in East Kentucky
You slipped on the rainbow dance floor
With perfectly shipped hips
Yes, they were perfectly shipped

You get me
You hold blue gravity
Aramis across the ocean
And a fucking retarded babysitter who won’t shut up
No, she won’t

Let’s party
Track Name: Spliff Wyzzurd (feat. Little House)
Give me friends that I can fuck up
Hand a light, so that I have got a chance
To maybe find your room when it’s late
And I’m so tired

Take away everything when you know
I shit myself at change
But I’ve got my eyes
On her dad’s haikus

And I can finally buy
The money I’ve been searching for all my life
And I would lick the cut of a former bite
Of a sandwich that brought you delight

Because in a way… I’m so dangerous

And I know that I will see this to the end
In which I die
A catastrophic disappointment in God’s eyes
Track Name: Zeuhl Sesh (Like Drinking Ten Lightnings!)
Empress, you are sitting on my queen
Empress, you are taking all the food
But don’t take the cake
Don’t disrupt me while I’m sleeping
Hammer and nail (x4)

Don’t disrupt me
Fill my stocking
Twice repeating
Whitman glimmering

I know that you’ve been attacked
But not brought back, I know that

I know that you’ve been attacked
But not brought back by me
Track Name: Icerev Turns In His Wings
Your clear, gummy fingers ring
And when this happens
I’m quick to forget that I ever knew anything

I tune in, K.F. 93
I get lost and go left
To find the place where I almost got everything right

Stay away and she’ll finally love you
For what you are
A far away and dying star

Absolutely nothing is what you are

Cool, creamy, and totally dreamy (x2)

Come find me
This time I swear I won’t say something childish
Track Name: Bonavista
Whether or not it’s sacred
It’s something to believe in

On a rainy day
You’re memorizing license plates

In the off chance you befriend a cop
And he can tell you who ensures her
Track Name: Master Milk
If I could, then I would
Battle strength of will in the form of myself
An asshole who never needed second chances
Because he was kicked out immediately the first time
And all I need before exiting
Is to feed on the light of someone else’s work
In the parking lot (x2)

This side of the highway is fine for now
Because I can still see the other
This side of being human should be thrown out in the garbage
Eventually, when I am ready
After everyone else is ready

That fact would be cause
For contempt if I didn’t pluck myself
From reality constantly
And I know you’d get lost
If you started looking

I am foaming at the fucking mouth
To tell you everything I know about...

But I won’t